August 2017: Back to School Update

What an exciting and productive summer it has been!
The pictures below will give you some sense of the work done in constructing Freeman Commons, the Knoll Classrooms, the renovation of the Science Building, and the creation of additional parking; however, they really don’t do justice to the campus transformation that is happening. For that, you need to see it in person.

These buildings are going to add to our program tremendously, and we still have the Carter Innovation Studio and Kate and Dyke Brown Main Hall to complete!

We moved into the Freeman Commons and the renovated Science Building in time for the start of classes. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to move into the Knoll Classrooms just yet, due to a problem with the County’s Central Sanitation. They only approved our sanitation plan last week and now we have several weeks of sanitation construction in front of us.

The inability to have the new classrooms is a logistics hardship as we now have to temporarily move back into house classrooms and various conference rooms in order to hold classes for much of September. Faculty and staff have been unbelievably good-spirited and flexible. Like me, they see it as a temporary setback in a project that will do so much long-term good. 

We are looking boldly to Athenian’s future, and I thank you all for your vision and commitment. 
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