December 2016: Groundbreaking

We had our Groundbreaking Ceremony on December 2, 2016. Read the speech senior Courtney Curd '17 gave at the ceremony and watch the video.
Hi I'm Courtney Curd and I am currently a senior.

I'm very excited about this project and to speak to you today as the Student Representative of the Master Plan where my job is to include student perspective in meetings with contractors and administration to make sure students are getting what they need.

The Master Plan is exciting and can make students nervous because it feels personal when something you love is taken away or changed.

But I want to ensure my peers that, I know, while the idea of change may be scary for a lot of people who hold strong ties to this campus, this is not only a necessary change but one that represents the innovation and progressiveness of Athenian.
This kind of change is feared in the same way AWE is.

And we all, or soon will have, trekked through that, and made it out okay and with a clearer vision about what is really important.

I remember when I was walking the racetrack of Death Valley with the blazing heat shining down on my group mates and me. And as we put our footsteps in the sand, I understood that we were not really alone. I was reminded of the footsteps we were following and those that would soon follow us. This change is the next step in Athenian history, and after three years at Athenian, I more than understand the power of symbols.

The symbolism of this project is simply us turning to the next page in a chapter.
It opens up a plethora of new opportunities for the whole student body while still falling under Athenian key values. And we as students, parents, faculty members, alumni, and everyone in between will be able to witness the excitement of history being made, and be able to carry that with us.

Though we won't be the same kind of “hippie” that Athenian is often labeled as in our architecture, we will continue to follow the path of our pillars.

These new buildings will be the change that unlocks new potential for our community, past, present, and future. I could not be more excited to be a part of it.

And now I would like to introduce the Head of the School, Eric Niles.
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